Using Your Controller on Steam Games

  • In order to use this controller on Steam games, we must first define it as a new controller.  To do this, open Steam and go to Steam -> Settings -> Controller -> General Controller Settings.  Once you are here, you will want to select your detected onscreen controller and then go to define layout.
  • After this, you can begin to define your controller.  It is recommended that you first find the Xbox/PlayStation controls associated with the game that you want to play.  To associate a button of your controller with a button of the shown controller on your left, just click next to the name of the button that you want to use and then click the button on your controller that you want to associate to it.  You associate a voice command to a command in the same way, but instead of clicking the button on your controller, you just say the specific word that you have defined.  Note: when you select the button of the controller that you want to define, make sure your selection looks like this:                                                                                                       
  • And not like this:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • If the game you want to play does not necessarily support a controller, you can use Steam’s "Controller Configuration" option under the specific game that you want to play.  Here you can associate keyboard commands to the controller that you just defined.  Just click on the region of the controller that you want to define, and then the button.  For defining the joysticks of the controller, select "Directional Pad" under "Style of Input".  This will allow you to associate buttons to the axes.